About us



Competitiveness: efficiency in value creation

Lean Maritime develops individual tailor-made solutions for each customer. One thing is constant, however: the goal of our lean management is always to increase your competitiveness through outstanding operational performance.

Our Approach

The elefant

How to slice the project elephant? Large scale projects with repetitive and non-repetitive activities

Lean Maritime transfers the lean logic of serial production to tailor-made solutions for complex and large-scale projects in the maritime sector – from construction projects to others across the entire operational chain. We bring together best practices from related industries – such as automotive, aviation and construction – to achieve operational efficiency within the maritime industry. This specialization allows us to optimally control the production and working processes of your major projects using innovative concepts and unique services, increasing value creation in your company. We achieve this by optimally coordinating the combination of one-time, repetitive, and serial activities within your project and reducing complexity.

Our Goals

Lean Maritime ensures outstanding operational performance within medium-sized companies and globally active corporations. We increase our customers’ value creation and competitiveness. We will work together with you to get your company ready for the international market and fit for the future, logistically oriented and synchronized with your own needs. Waste is uncovered and minimized, and project organization streamlined. We reveal your company’s hidden value.

Our Values

Lean Maritime works together with people who create value. On site. We embrace the spirit of change and train our clients’ employees using various learning methods and application-oriented coaching. This elevates your project organization to the next level and sustainably embeds ideas from lean management within your company culture. We support your own change management with an executive academy, employee training, and team training. This produces added value within transparent processes and allows for control of relevant indicators on the basis of a clear database.

Our Qualifications

Lean Maritime unites strong and creative personalities with a clear claim: added value through efficiency. Our driving force is the will to create added value and realize ideas. Every day. Your company will benefit from our team spirit and sound knowledge of lean management – in addition to our international consulting and industry experience within the maritime sector. The founders of Lean Maritime were originally consultants for Porsche, BMW, and Mercedes. Lean Maritime has been optimizing production and operating processes in the maritime industry since 2010.