Innovation & Development


Implement lean strategies in innovation and product development

With a systematic approach we support our clients to transform their engineering department and development systems to a best-in-class development organization – fast, agile and highly efficient.

The challenges of product development for large projects are very similar all over the industries

  • Manage product complexity
  • Adherence to strong deadlines
  • Quality requirements
  • Respect targeted costs
  • Reduction of development time.

We utilize best practices across industries, create customized solutions for our clients, and effectively apply our consultants’ deep industry-specific experience.

Shorten development time

Built-to-order projects with a volume of hundreds of million euros have lead times over several  years. The construction phase has to start in parallel without having all the details of the end of the project.

Lean Ship Development

Lean Ship Development

Every delay during the development process can have a huge negative impact on the synchronization of the activities. We help you to implement a lean development system to manage and synchronize thousands of activities with increased transparency and clear escalation paths. The development system supports you to detect and reduce security buffers, to minimize waiting times and to speed up pending decisions.

Decrease development costs

Development costs in small series comprise not infrequently more than 10% of overall company costs, so it is evident that development costs must be viewed more closely from a cost-benefit standpoint. Cost reduction in development processes is considerably more complex than in many other company departments.
Whereas in the production cost and cycle times can be easily ascertained and compared directly with one another, it is much more difficult to measure and optimize the output of an engineering department.

Contact us to learn how development costs can be permanently reduced without a negative impact on the developed products and the necessary development times.