Saving your margin through a lean procurement organization

One of the oldest and most simple rules of all businesses is: Every $ you save, is one $ higher profit. This baldly phrase depicts the straight effect a professional procurement organization has on the income statement of each company.

Lean Procurement

The traditional view that the only responsibility of the procurement organization is to order material and services on time is obsolete. A modern procurement organization hold functions from supplier research (local, regional or global) over supplier evaluations, tendering and auctioning  of demands to contract development and supplier integration. A cross-functional communication between the procurement department and responsible in the production, logistics, legal and other departments is crucial.

Lean procurement combines the elements of a modern purchasing with the usage of best practices for strategic sourcing activities. Through the creation of a lean procurement organization transparency through straight communication lines between involved departments will be secured.

Lean Product / Part Price Analysis

Thinking about the cost efficiency right from the beginning of the construction is essential for the implementation of a lean organization. The consideration of lean design criteria within the construction design process and an early part price analysis of each component (or component group) are first steps on the way to a lean product.

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