Production & Construction


Why should your company pay for 30% waiting time?

Complex cruise ship projects have building costs of up to $1.24 Billion. These unique projects need a high performance organization with newest production and logistic concepts. Even on the most modern yards only 35% of the activities are creating value.

Operational excellence

Lean Maritime introduces a tough improvement process where the successful implementation can free up millions of hidden potential. With an exceptional combination of extensive operative experience managing production and logistic units in the automotive industry coupled with the pragmatism and set of tools from the consulting business, we challenge your organization in all aspects.

We apply the proven principles with a set of methods and tools that revolutionized the automotive industry. We measure ourselves with the results we generate confirmed by the bottom-line effect on the customer. We focus on the significant increase of productivity and reduction of lead time.

“Having no problems is the biggest problem of all.”‒ Taiichi Ohno, Former Executive Vice President of Toyota Motor Corporation

Lean Construction

Lean Maritime works with the latest methodology to design and build complex facilities. Our approach targets an optimized project delivery in terms of timing and costs. A structured planning and control of indicators as well as transparent processes lead to significant time reductions.

‘Cause why should your company pay for 30% waiting time?

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