Supplier Integration


Following a common aim: Your competitiveness

The ship building industry is an industry with numerous cooperating companies. Developing key suppliers and subcontractors from bare order recipients to strategic partners is necessary for achieving and keeping high competitiveness.

Integrated improvement initiatives

With the team of Lean Maritime and our proved approach the supplier and subcontractor can be integrated on an early stage of the construction process. Out of our long-time experience within the automotive industry – with its high proportion of integrated suppliers – we make your competitiveness to the common goal. Within customized improvement initiatives we develop operative solutions for significant efficiency gains. Through this the expertise is bundled and challenges can be discussed and overcome together.

Contract development and incentives

Before cooperation with new sub-contractors is started reasonable merchants conclude a framework contract to outline the way of cooperation. So far so good. But binding aims and incentive mechanisms are widely disregarded or (in case mechanisms have been fixed) not traced in the subsequent work.

The systematical development of contracts with fair incentives for subcontractors enforce the intrinsic motivation of the cooperation partner and gives you the right tool for the operative steering. Agreements on bonuses and fines, shortened due dates for payments or pre-contracts for follow-up orders are just a few mechanisms that enrich the collaboration and synchronize the aims of your sub-contractor with your business vision. Because common aims distinguish a real partnership from a bare client-service provider relationship.

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