SCM & Logistics


Synchronization of production and logistic processes leads to productivity increase in high double figures

With an exceptional combination of extensive operative experience managing production and logistic units in automotive industry coupled with the pragmatism and set of tools from the consulting business, we sure understand the challenges your company faces.

SCM and Logistics in the maritime industry

Compared to other branches the production and logistic processes in the maritime industry are one of the most challenging through the high product complexity and the vast amount of stakeholders (such as logistic providers, suppliers, sub-contractors). The dynamic organization and flexibility of the processes is therefore one of the key factors to success.

Focusing on the reduction of lead time and inventory, reduction of quality problems, increase of productivity and a high involvement of the work force we identify your hidden potentials.

Working capital optimization

When you are thinking further about supply chain management, you might in the first place think about close deadlines, delays of deliveries and bottlenecks. After this you might have the vision of short lead times, low stocks and optimized working capital.

We share your vision … and we know how to realize it.

The specialists of Lean Maritime use best practice approaches from the automotive industry and implement customized solutions with you. From the overall supply chain strategy over all process steps down to single handlings, the team of Lean Maritime has long-term experiences in various industries esp. ship building, heavy and automotive industry.

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