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Growth market: Shipbuilding in Greece


The maritime industry so important for Greece is about to undergo a change, one that promises to be helped along by, inter alia, the use of German products and services. Lean Maritime was in attendance from 25 to 27 September 2019 as part of a trade delegation.

Greek shipowners continue to unswervingly lead the global market. Shipbuilding has shaped Greece’s economy for thousands of years. “More than one-fifth of globally shipped goods sail under the Greek flag,” says Holger Segler, partner at Lean Maritime GmbH. And nearly one-third of all tankers are in Greek hands.
This status can be expanded. The need exists – the demand for the building and repair of ships is continually growing in Greece. However, this project requires substantial innovations, since international requirements and global interests also demand new technologies. Even today, Greek shipyards are still marked by an artisanal tradition. Many of them are already booked up for years. A lean approach in the production process could help to meet the new requirements of the market and at the same time satisfy rising demand.

Holger Segler speaking in Piraeus/Athens about new technologies and efficient shipbuilding. Photo: Lean Maritime


In late September, Holger Segler spoke at the exhibition “Maritime Industry in Greece” in Piraeus about how with the aid of lean methods, flow times can be shortened in an optimal manner in terms of costs while meeting the specified quality criteria.
The objective of the exhibition was to bring together German and Greek companies in the maritime industry so that they can mutually benefit from the advantages of their respective countries and expertise. As part of the technical symposium, 14 German participants presented their ranges of products and services. “Greece is an important growth market in the maritime sector,” says Segler. “If a good team coalesces, as happened here, many companies can benefit from German-Greek cooperation.”
The exhibition, which was held from 25 to 27 September 2019, was organised by the German-Greek Chamber of Industry and Commerce. Also in attendance were, among others, EAS, which manufactures high-performance batteries, and Neptun Werft. The exhibition was sponsored by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, represented in person by Ariane Kiesow.

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