Construction Industry


Lean Management in Construction

Implement a holistic Lean Construction approach based on worldwide proven concepts

Lean Construction is known as the adaptation of Lean Management to the building industry and has received more attention worldwide lately. The designing of construction flows geared to a lean management approach leads to an increase in productivity in construction industry.

The objective to reduce waste in construction sequences leads to stabilization, acceleration and reduction of costs. This has been proven by various applications in many construction sectors.

Apply 4 Principles

In general, waste-free processes are based on four principles:

construction flow

Construction Flow

The flow principle describes the continuous movement of value creation throughout the production process.

Additionally the whole system works with the takt principle. Due to an adaption of the production capacities to a calculated rhythm an even velocity is achieved. The takt in the construction industry is considerably longer than in other industries such as the automotive industry.

The pull principle means that the materials and resources are only drawn at a particular time and according to the requirements on site.

The zero defects principle aims at increasing the reliability and stability of the processes. The information gathered during trouble shooting is consistently used to avoid recurrence of known interferences.

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