Cruise operations


Serving. Cleaning. Maintaining.

Increasing guest satisfaction through lean cruise operations

Fast embarkation change over

„Guest is King“ – this golden rule is a well-known objective of each crew member. Waiting time in the restaurant, stressed service staff, shortages of desired specialties are hard to compensate with a simple smile.

Improving the on board logistic and service processes enhances the quality of the services provided and increases the reaction speed to unforeseen guest requirements – so, the “Guest is and feels like a King“.

On board services

Lean cruise operations

Well defined processes implemented on the different on board services impact the guests’ satisfaction and the personal costs. From the preparation of staterooms to cleaning of public areas, standardized and continuously improved procedures create a sovereign and competent impression while reducing the required activity times.

With tools as Value Stream Analysis, Lean Maritime can help you defining and implementing such processes – and the lower the deck, the highest the potential.

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