Ship Building & Repair


To produce extremely complex products in an inherently conservative industry reveals cost savings and lead-time reduction potential above most expectations

Complex cruise ship projects cost up to $1.2 Billion and require millions of labor hours to build. Even on the most modern yards, only 35% of the activities are creating value for the final product.

Ship building – repetitive elements

Extensive operative experience in managing production and logistics in the automotive industry coupled with the Lean Management pragmatic set of tools from the consulting business give our team the best basis to adapt and implement the so proven Lean Principles to ship building specific needs.

Tons of material are underutilized or wasted every day. This waste can be reduced with stable and transparent processes driven by value orientated organization forms and supported by the newest production and logistic concepts.

Lean Maritime introduces a pragmatic yet tough, cost oriented improvement process to free up millions of hidden potential. Some of the most renowned yards are currently implementing these methods very successfully.

Hull production

Capital intensive equipment is not fully utilized even when running on 3 shifts per day – pauses, work interruption, defects, breakdowns and setting-up times reduce the utilization levels dramatically. The sub-optimal synchronization worker-machine represent a further lost time that is often not seen.

Our team develops and implements processes in this area to reduce the waste and increase the utilization ratio of the equipment. Over 40% productivity increase by simultaneously 10 to 15% raw material utilization reduction are common results of our equipment performance increase workshops – with the current labor costs and steel prices, the invest on such a workshop is returned within the initial weeks of implementation.

Networks outfitting

The installation and testing of the different networks on board represent a significant cost and time constraint on the ship building process; differences between ship areas reduce the repetitiveness effect and increase the complexity of work planning. Strong leadership equipped with skills and the right information is the key to drive performance on this mostly manual and worker depended processes.

Lean Maritime creates and deploy tools to improve the work planning process and reduce the installation manpower; together with the tailor-made training programs developed for the middle management levels, we achieve and sustain cost savings that usually exceed 30% of the installation times.

Installation of cabins and public spaces

Restaurants, cafes, shops, spa and sports areas, cinemas and theatres, outside decks, staterooms and suites… The variety of designs, materials and involved subcontractors could not be higher than on the building process of a modern cruise ship. The dependencies between the different stakeholders and between different activities represent a constant risk for delays and last minute modifications are not uncommon. The logistic of workers and materials on board and on the construction docks must be finely synchronized with the building process itself.

Using the Lean Management concepts well known from the leading automotive companies adapted to the reality of ship building, we achieved exceptional results in terms of cost and lead time reduction. With the experience of working with some of the most representative yards worldwide, we improved our methods and tools further maintaining always the same vision – our success must be measurable through our customer’s savings!

Technical rooms

High density of complex equipment and difficulties of access characterize these areas of the ship; equipment OEMs workers are frequently present to install, set-up and fire-up the city under the passenger decks. The management attention required increases the levels of stress and the possibilities for mistakes become a more likely risk. The initial work planning remains a remembrance of what an ideal project could look like.

With specially developed methods and tools, Lean Maritime can support you developing and implementing dynamic work planning and introducing quality circles to increase process stability.

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