Digitisation, modernisation, financing 

Shipping companies face enormous challenges: their work consists of complex activities that need to be coordinated across several interfaces. Alongside logistics, equipment and docking, port and ship operations as well as
staff, safety and insurance management require cross-functional organisation. However, it is not only coordinating and simultaneously managing many complex processes – in a confined space and at short intervals – that presents a particular challenge for shipping companies: any shipowner who wants to be a successful part of the global growth industry must also get to grips with topics such as digitisation, modernisation and financing.

Lean Management can set a clear path in this regard. It helps to streamline the administrative and operational structures of a shipping company. Lean Management strengthens and stabilises shipping companies in particular in the long term, as they operate in a distinct symbiosis with suppliers and business partners and must therefore heavily align themselves with the needs of third parties. The result is more efficient processes, which in turn reduces costs. This enables a shipping company to build up reserves for upcoming modernisations and to streamline new structures right from the start.

The Lean Maritime team also helps shipping companies to develop prudent digitisation strategies, helping forward-looking shipowners to increase their long-term competitiveness via a lean transformation process.

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