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Lean Construction: “Industry 4.0 in individual production”


“It’s fairly easy to show initial success in the implementation of lean construction in a pilot project,” says Theo Herzog. But how is it successfully sustained? The online portal “Der Prozessmanager” interviewed Theo Herzog about the opportunities and challenges of lean approachesin the construction industry.
At, the online editorial team prepares specific knowledge material on the subject of efficiency and waste reduction for process designers. Its aim is to offer “value-oriented information content, templates and tools” on the topics of process management, lean administration and organisational development and to support those responsible for process management in German-speaking countries in their daily work with the aid of editorial content.
In the interview “‘Lean Construction’ – Industry 4.0 in individual production”, Theo Herzog, Managing Director of Lean Maritime GmbH, reveals what lean management in the project industry means for construction companies

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