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Latest press release


Perfection and Synchronisation

Lean Maritime sponsors olympic sailors Erik Heil and Thomas Plössel Their Voyage to gold begins: Helmsman Erik Heil and…


Top Ten People: Theo Herzog portrayed as Lean-Expert

Theo Herzog ranks among the Top-10-Coaches who are featured in a supplement in Lufthansa Exclusive Magazine in November 2019…


Update: “Greece goes green” cooperation

A greener future for Greece’s popular car ferries – this vision is shared by Ioannis Theodoropoulos, Frank Diehl and…


Growth market: Shipbuilding in Greece

The maritime industry so important for Greece is about to undergo a change, one that promises to be helped…


Lean Construction: “Industry 4.0 in individual production”

“It’s fairly easy to show initial success in the implementation of lean construction in a pilot project,” says Theo…


Cardboard simulation: Students experience “lean construction”

In the summer semester of 2019 the Lean Maritime partners Theo Herzog and Holger Segler imparted the idea and…


Environmental seal: Congratulations AIDAnova!

“Good for me. Good for the environment.” – On 12 August 2019, the AIDAnova was the first ever cruise…


Lean Maritime honoured as Top Consultant

Congratulations offered by former German President Christian Wulff Lean Maritime GmbH is among the best consultancy firms in Germany,…


Naval shipyards: Military shipbuilding of the future

The military shipbuilding market is undergoing profound change. Theo Herzog, Managing Director of Lean Maritime GmbH, is showing the…


Office Singapore: We are moving!

Growing activities and new ideas require new spaces. Lean Maritime moves the office in Singapore to a new location….