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Latest press release


Cultural change in Norway: offshore platforms learn about Lean Management

Norway’s economic ascent began when oil was discovered off its coast in 1969. Using oil revenues, the country built…


Schiff & Hafen (Ships and Harbours): “Competitiveness through efficient processes”

This is the title of the feature article produced by LEAN-MARITIME experts Theodoros Herzog-Zikas (Managing Partner) and Robert Rauch…


World Cruise Industry Review: optimal planning of refit times in dockyards

Older cruise ships have higher operating costs than new ones. The ship owners cannot however pass these costs on…


THB: LEAN MARITIME in expert interview on lean shipbuilding processes

For the special article “Schiffbauindustrie in Deutschland” (Shipbuilding in Germany), the editor of the newspaper “Deutschen Schiffahrtszeitung THB” held…