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Latest press release


Latest press release


Lean Maritime honoured as Top Consultant

Congratulations offered by former German President Christian Wulff Lean Maritime GmbH is among the best consultancy firms in Germany,…


Naval shipyards: Military shipbuilding of the future

The military shipbuilding market is undergoing profound change. Theo Herzog, Managing Director of Lean Maritime GmbH, is showing the…


Office Singapore: We are moving!

Growing activities and new ideas require new spaces. Lean Maritime moves the office in Singapore to a new location….


Lean & green: Team outing to the launching of the AIDAnova

The AIDAnova is the world’s first cruise ship to be propelled by liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). It was launched…


A Diet for Europe’s Shipyards

Amongst stiff international competition, European shipmakers are focusing increasingly on consistent cost awareness and improved working processes. External consultants…


Cultural change in Norway: offshore platforms learn about Lean Management

Norway’s economic ascent began when oil was discovered off its coast in 1969. Using oil revenues, the country built…


Schiff & Hafen (Ships and Harbours): “Competitiveness through efficient processes”

This is the title of the feature article produced by LEAN-MARITIME experts Theodoros Herzog-Zikas (Managing Partner) and Robert Rauch…


World Cruise Industry Review: optimal planning of refit times in dockyards

Older cruise ships have higher operating costs than new ones. The ship owners cannot however pass these costs on…


THB: LEAN MARITIME in expert interview on lean shipbuilding processes

For the special article “Schiffbauindustrie in Deutschland” (Shipbuilding in Germany), the editor of the newspaper “Deutschen Schiffahrtszeitung THB” held…